Who we are and what we do?

It's a busy world for parents now, we want the best for our children 24/7, but the reality we face today makes it difficult. Yet they are the most important part of our lives, so when we need to get away our idea may be a helpful solution. We at SittersNow hope to make the lives of parents easier, and less stressed, even for an hour.

So when would you use us? Great question - anytime!

  • Regular babysitter called in sick?
  • Got held back at work?
  • Going to a wedding and need a babysitter to go with you?
  • Is it date night, but no one to leave the kids with?
  • Unexpected doctors visit?
  • Need to go to that boxing or yoga class?

With our easy to use app, SittersNow will help you find the right nanny near you. Simply request within 30 min of when you need us to be there, and we will be at your door in no time!

Safty Matters!

How can you trust a babysitter that you don't know? All our babysitters are carefully selected and have gone through a long process interviewing, have plenty of references, and background checks. All you have to do is watch the quick one minute virtual video interview, and select the babysitter that satisfies you most.

We will treat your kids as our own - that's our promise to you!