why sitters now

Quick and easy. SittersNow lets you make your own schedule while earning extra money.

Make extra money

When you need a little extra money in your bank account sign into SittersNow and view any request from parents.

make your own hours

Work at a schedule that fits you! Babysit when it's most convenient to you, by accepting or declining any requests.

Easy to create profile

It only takes a few easy steps to complete your profile! Sign up today and start make money in no time.

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SittersNow is the easiest way to make extra money


how it works

The new way to make extra money for you is here! With just a few simple steps.

Create profile

Create your own profile, upload pictures, submit references.

schedule interview

Our team will contact you to set up an interview instantly.


Download mobile app and log in with your new created profile.

stay signed in

Log in when you have free time or want to make extra money.

Get hired

Notification will appear on your mobile app once you've been requested.

Confirm request

Review your request. Choose to accept or decline.


The partner app

Stay signed in and get requested by parents

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